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If you are a current player/parent, any questions or concerns should be initially directed to your Team Manager.

Otherwise, please contact us.

How do I join an ANC Team?

ANC will advertise Registration dates on this website.

Please visit our Registration page and you will be guided through the process as either a new player or an existing player.

Registration is only open for a limited period for the following...

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Is there any space for my child in a team after ANC registration closes?
Who or what is Netball Victoria?

Netball Victoria is a non-for-profit organisation responsible for the management and development of the sport of netball across Victoria.

The organisation’s core function is to identify and meet the needs of netball players, coaches, umpires...

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What is a VNA? (A Netball Victoria ID)

A VNA is now known as your Netball Victoria Identification number. It is your Insurance and Player Profile. It enables members to represent ANC during training and competition games.

It is a Netball Victoria annual fee and is compulsory with...

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Is a Netball Victoria ID included in a Net Set Go registration?


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Is a Netball Victoria ID included in ANC registration?


This is a separate payment made during the registration process.

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Do I need my Netball Victoria ID if I’m only training at ANC?


This is Insurance for both yourself and the Coach / Manager responsible during a training session. 

If you have a Netball Victoria ID, you are then also eligible to play in a team as an emergency.

As a non-player, you must still...

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Why do Banyule and Darebin Associations have different registration costs?

Darebin costs less to initially register, but charges a weekly entrance fee for players and spectators.

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Can I play at both Banyule and Darebin?


However, as both competitions are on a Saturday, you will need to consider game time clashes.

You will need to register and pay game fees for BOTH competitions.

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How do I transfer between clubs?

IF at the end of the calendar year:

You register with ANC as a new member (using your existing Netball Victoria ID).

IF during the year:

You will need to request a “Transfer Release” from your existing club and alert ANC via email.

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Do I need separate Netball Victoria ID for separate competitions?


You have a single Netball Victoria ID that is used for your entire netball career.

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Do I need a uniform?


Please click here for information about Uniforms.

ANC also offers limited second hand uniform options.

Suitable clothing is worn for Training.

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Does ANC offer financial assistance?


In specific circumstances.

Confidential contact should be made with the Club President.

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I have a MyNetball question

MyNetball is a new technology platform developed by Netball Australia, that will help to grow and develop our sport by improving its online presence.

It's a nationwide initiative that's been built by the netball community for the netball community...

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Do rep team players register with ANC or with their rep club?

All players must register and pay their NV Membership with their domestic club.

You must then also register with your representative club, but you do not need to pay the NV Membership again.

Your rep club will advise if there any changes to this.

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